Fiat Chrysler Investigating Crash That Killed ‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin

In the wake of the tragic death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV has confirmed they will be investigating the crash, which occurred in Yelchin’s recalled 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. In April, the company recalled over 1.1 million cars worldwide due to concerns that the car might roll away once drivers exit the vehicle. In the horrific accident, which occurred early on Sunday in Los Angeles, Yelchin exited his Jeep Grand Cherokee, which promptly rolled into him and pinned him to a fence.

According to Fiat Chrysler, software updates to fix the issue are not expected until July or August, although the company was hoping that the fix would be permanent. Sadly, however, the fix came too late to help Yelchin.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initially instigated the vehicle recall, noting that “owners should take extra care to make sure their car is in park and turned completely off before exiting.” With this tragedy representing the first death as a result of the defect, the NHTSA has now decided they will also be investigating the crash. The organization states they’ve been in contact with Los Angeles authorities and Fiat Chrysler “to understand all of the facts related to this tragic crash, including whether or not this was caused by the current issue under recall.”

Fiat Chrysler Investigating Crash That Killed 'Star Trek' Actor Anton Yelchin

Source: YouTube

For their part, it does seem as though Fiat Chrysler is dedicated to getting to the truth, even if culpability falls back on the company. Granted, the manufacturer was quick to note that it’s far too early to lay the blame on any one specific cause just yet. The toxicology report is not due for several weeks, so we don’t know if Yelchin was under the influence or not. And no one is certain if Yelchin’s death was manufacturer error or human error.

Fiat Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne stated the manufacturer would conduct a “thorough investigation” of Yelchin’s death, although “it is premature to speculate on its cause at this time.”

Regardless of the cause, it’s still one of the bigger bummers of this year that we’ve lost one of the brightest up-and-coming talents in the film industry today. (Like Crazy, in particular, is a movie worth going out of your way to see.) Here’s hoping the truth comes out, whatever it is.

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