Ferrari-Powered Toyota Is A Modern Day Road Warrior (VIDEO)

Souped up cars are exciting. In some of the more ambitious builds, there’s that thrill of creating something that probably shouldn’t exist. Conversely, other builds provide the thrill of creating something that ought to have existed years ago, if anyone had thought to build it. And still other builds are just about creating something incredible and unique.

I’m not exactly sure which category this particular build fits into, but in this video, we follow Donut Media as they hit the road in their Ferrari-powered Toyota, the Gumout GT4586. The Gumout takes a naturally-aspirated Ferrari 458 V8, and places it inside a Toyota GT86/Scion FRS. It’s a modern day road warrior, and it makes the act of doing donuts around an actual Ferrari 458 seem like child’s play. Granted, I kind of hope this becomes a proper track car rather than a drift machine. But either way, I think this is pretty damn great. Watch the video below:

Ferrari-Powered Toyota Is A Modern Day Road Warrior (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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