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Fearless Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse Then Killed Near McDonald’s

This cow escaped from the Tri-State Beef Co. slaughterhouse in Cincinnati on Wednesday only to be killed near a McDonald’s. There is no justice.

A passerby was able to document the event on Twitter:

From Cincinnati.com:

A bewildered cow that escaped a slaughterhouse surprised and amused people on the West Side before it met its demise Wednesday morning.

The cow left Tri-State Beef Co. on Baymiller Street in the West End about 11 a.m. and was spotted in the Baymiller/Central Parkway area, according to police.

“It got confused and it ended up going up the Western Hills Viaduct onto Queen City,” said Tiffaney Hardy, Cincinnati Police Department spokeswoman.

“It was kind of nervous,” Hardy said, and while it didn’t charge at anyone, the cow did exhibit some aggressive behavior.

Tri-State Beef trailed the cow and ended up shooting and killing it near the McDonald’s by Queen City Avenue, Hardy said.

I feel frustrated right now.

All the cow wanted was to be free.

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