‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review: ‘Ouroboros’ Is Bloody Chaos

Recap and review of Fear The Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 3 – Ouroboros:

Fear The Walking Dead is continuing its impressive turnaround with a second straight episode that keeps things exciting, even the plot of “Ouroboros” amounts to a glorified fetch quest. This feeling isn’t alleviated by the show seemingly taking on two characters from the Flight 462 spinoff, only to cut them loose as suddenly as the Geary family survivors last week. It’s an episode that keeps progress at arm’s length, while also showing how these characters are gradually becoming more capable at surviving in this new world.

So the episode mostly focuses on the random team of Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey), Nick (Frank Dillane), Daniel (Ruben Blades) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) going on shore to check out the wreckage of the downed Flight 462 while Travis (Cliff Curtis) does his damndest to remove a zombie arm from the boat’s water intake system. What works about this, in spite of the lack of any real plot progression, is that it shows how these characters are acclimating to their new circumstances. Apparently, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) needs antibiotics for her gunshot wound, which has become infected, so Daniel takes it upon himself to try and find the antibiotics without asking for help from the others, since I guess he still doesn’t really trust anyone else on the Abigail. And I can’t say I blame him either, considering Strand (Colman Domingo) still hasn’t told everyone that they’re really headed for Mexico. In fact, it’s Daniel who spills the beans to Maddie (Kim Dickens), who then takes it upon herself to threaten Strand, saying she’ll throw him overboard herself if he betrays them. For his part, Strand insists they’re all headed for a glorious oasis called Rosarito (located in Baja California) away from the zombie outbreak, where there will be enough supplies for them to live indefinitely, and in total safety behind reinforced walls. It seems too good to be true, which means it probably is. However, I feel like the group is developing their skills as a team of survivalists.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2 Episode 3 Review 'Ouroboros' Is Bloody Chaos

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Case in point: although he’s still overcome by a certain amount of teen angst, Chris has shown a surprising aptitude for doing what needs to be done. He kills a walker trapped in the downed flight wreckage, and then finds a living man whose spine is protruding from his body. Rather than cower from the sight, Chris takes it upon himself to put the man out of his misery. And yet, while he saw the necessity in doing what he had to do, Chris is still tormented by having to do it in the first place, which tells us a lot about his character. In a way, I feel like it draws a parallel between Chris and his father. Perhaps he’s starting to understand why Travis had to kill Liza, and why he shouldn’t hate his father for having done it. By the same token, both Nick and Alicia prove to be formidable against walkers in their own right. In particular, when the beach is overrun, Nick finds himself fighting off two of these gross, horrifying crab zombies — basically, walkers who’ve been split in half and fed upon by crabs. Alicia and Nick both hold their own, getting sufficiently bloody to add to their post-apocalyptic reps, even if neither is particularly interesting at a character level right now. There have to be people other than Daniel who are capable of taking care of themselves on this show, and I like that the series is developing the skills of the other characters while also introducing other potentially capable characters. For instance, the group encounters Alex (Michelle Ang) and Jake (Brendan Meyer), the only survivors remaining from Flight 462.

Fear The Walking Dead - Season 2 Episode 3 - Recap and Review - Ouroboros

Credit: AMC

Their journey to this point was depicted in the webseries centered on Flight 462 last year, and Alex and Jake were the central characters. Alex had a strangely portentous knowledge about what the zombie outbreak entailed and how to stop walkers in their tracks, while Jake simply wanted to get to his father in California, where his mother would hopefully be waiting for him as well. Towards the end of the webseries, we learn that Alex is the person who got the last seat on the plane, which is why his mother ended up having to wait for a subsequent flight. Had it not been for Alex, mother and son might have been able to be together in these terrifying moments, although I’m not exactly sure why this would necessarily have been a good thing. Either way, the webseries just sort of ends before we can get any sort of resolution on these revelations. Instead, we get those insights tonight, as Alex shows time and again that she’s unwilling to abandon the injured Jake. Even after he gives permission to put her out of his misery, and even after another survivor on their life raft tries to do the job for her, Alex defends Jake to the last. In a way, she’s the Daryl Dixon equivalent for this show. Stoic, fiercely loyal, and very capable. That’s why it’s a shame that she doesn’t really stick around. She and Alex get picked up by the Abigail at the end of the episode, after Maddie furiously argues with Strand to take them on. They reach a compromise in which Strand allows Alex and Jake’s life raft to be towed behind them until they reach San Diego. But it’s hard to say if they even get that far: late at night, Strand walks out to the back of the boat and cuts the line to the life raft, setting Alex and Jake adrift. It’d be shocking if it weren’t so sad and expected. That said, I kind of agree with Strand when he declares that the greatest danger in this world right now is strangers. You can never know what other people are after, and it could end up costing you everything. Then again, it’s easy to say that with the benefit of knowing how humanity has gone to pot by the time of The Walking Dead.

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