Faraday Future Smokes Tesla In Head-to-Head 0-60 MPH Test (VIDEO)

Faraday Future is coming for the crown, as the automaker pit its own FF 91 Prototype against the Tesla Model X P100D in a head-to-head 0-60 MPH acceleration test. But is the FF 91 really “faster than gravity”?

Faraday Future utilized their “Battery Boost Mode” motor software to “improve energy output and temperature stability” on the powertrain, in addition to “rapidly increasing acceleration potential from a stop.” As a result, the FF 91 Prototype was able to beat out the Bentley Bentayga SUV, a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar, and a Tesla Model S P100D in head-to-head acceleration testing. Needless to say, it’s something you really ought to see with your own two eyes. We could be looking at the future of acceleration here. Watch the video below:

Faraday Future Smokes Tesla In Head-to-Head 0-60 MPH Test (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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