Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott Release ‘Ghostbusters’ Cover (AUDIO)

The official cover of the classic Ghostbusters theme has been released, as Fall Out Boy has teamed with Missy Elliott for “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” for the upcoming movie. And it’s…certainly something.

I don’t hate the song or anything, and it kind of works for the kind of tone the movie is likely going for, but I don’t know — it just sounds like the track is trying to be too “epic”. There’s no humor or fun in this track like there was with Ray Parker Jr.’s original. That said, it’s doing better on YouTube so far than the actual trailer for the movie, which is the most disliked film trailer in the history of YouTube. As of press time, the song is at 17,927 likes to 2,611 dislikes, although I suppose that all could change as word spreads about the song’s release. At the very least, I do hope people at least give the song a listen before judging, because while it’s not exactly a great track, I feel as though there are a lot of people out there for whom a song like this would click. Anyway, find out if you’re one of those people by checking out the video below:

Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott Release 'Ghostbusters' Cover (AUDIO)

Source: YouTube

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