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Faithful Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Eight Days To Reunite With Sick Owner (VIDEO)

How faithful can one dog be? Well, Seco the dog has essentially earned the title of Man’s Best Friend, as the pooch waited outside a hospital for eight days in order to be reunited with his owner.

Long story short, when a homeless Brazilian man named Lauri da Costa got jumped by an armed thug, he was admitted to the hospital. During his stay, doctors discovered he had skin cancer. So he had to remain in the hospital in order to undergo treatment. This wouldn’t normally have been such a problem, except da Costa didn’t have anywhere for Seco to stay while he was in the hospital, since the hospital has a strict no-animals policy. Hospital staff noticed Seco waiting outside the hospital, day after day, and made certain to feed the dog and provide him with water while he waited. On the eighth day, the hospital decided to make an exception to its no-animals policy and allow Seco to visit da Costa. The moment the two are reunited is basically the summit of all heartwarming videos. Seriously, friendship is everything. Watch the full video below:

Faithful Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Eight Days To Reunite With Owner (VIDEO)

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