Exclusive Beyonce and Jay-Z Album May Land on TIDAL (VIDEO)

Yes, Jay-Z is still trying to make TIDAL “happen” less than a month after it officially launched under Jay-Z’s ownership. The press has been so negative about the new service lately, declaring it a “flop” when the music app dropped from the Top 750 chart in the Apple App Store.

It’s been only a couple of weeks, but since the launch was so high profile, I think the expectations were just way up there.

DJ Skee is reporting that the rumored joint Beyonce-Jay Z album which is near completion, will land on TIDAL.

TIDAL is a new music streaming service that is competing with Pandora and Spotify which have a more established user base. TIDAL is differentiating itself with “hifi” streams (which require hifi hardware) and artist exclusives like “American Oxygen” from Rihanna.

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