Ex-WWE Star Ryback Reveals Final Straw That Caused Him To Quit

In a year that featured Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio leaving, Ryback has managed to be perhaps the most outspoken person about his departure from WWE this year. Case in point, Ryback is now opening up about the final straw that caused him to quit WWE altogether.

In an interview with PressBox, Ryback notes that his decision to live was largely about coming to the realization there would be a ceiling on his WWE career. According to Ryback, he simply realized that some opportunities would forever be closed to him, no matter how hard he worked, and no matter how over he got with the fans. In a sense, the final straw for his WWE career was the acknowledgment that he didn’t really have much of a WWE career at all. You can read the interview highlights below:

“Booking was only one part of why I chose to leave. I actually just opened up about my ankle injury on Episodes 16 and 17 of Conversation with The Big Guy. I firmly believe my entire WWE career as Ryback went the way it did stemming from my ankle injury in Nexus. Being denied magazine covers and who knows what else while there, along with the stop-and-go booking, all led to me finally leaving. I could have just been satisfied making decent money, but only limited to what they wanted me to earn no matter what I did or how hard I worked or how over I got and being a ‘TV star,’ or say [screw] it, I know who and what I am and there isn’t another human being alive like me. I create my success, and I’m going to achieve all my goals I have set.”

Ex-WWE Star Ryback Reveals Final Straw That Caused Him To Quit

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In addition, Ryback discussed the decision to formally change his name from Ryan Allen Reeves to Ryback Allen Reeves, noting that it was an attempt to protect a brand he created long before coming to WWE:

“Ryback was a name I created when I was not in the WWE, along with ‘The Big Guy’ and ‘Feed Me More.’ I understand WWE and Vince McMahon like to protect the WWE brand, rightfully so, but I don’t come in there and say, ‘OK, I now own WWE and the same goes for my brand.’ They have gotten away with [that] for far too long, and I gave them my heart and soul while working for them. I refuse to be limited to just a wrestler and have other people tell me I cannot do other things with my life. I want to control how I am perceived and am allowed to make a living with the brand I created and own.”

In a way, I get where Ryback is coming from with his complaints about WWE. While you could probably take issue with the fact that he regularly speaks about himself as though he were the second coming of The Rock, that’s kind of the attitude you have to have in order to achieve success in the wrestling business. And yet, Ryback’s comments often go beyond just sticking up for himself, sort of like how he buried Triple H in interviews over what was probably just a bad joke taken out of context. Granted, it doesn’t seem like Ryback has any intention of ever going back to WWE, so I guess he’s more than welcome to burn however many bridges he feels like burning.

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