Ex-WWE Star Cody Rhodes Breaks Silence On Last Name Controversy

Since leaving WWE, many presumed Cody Rhodes would be able to continue using the Rhodes name, since it was the working name of his late father, Dusty Rhodes (born Virgil Runnels). However, when it became apparent that WWE wouldn’t allow him to use the name, many fans suggested alternatives that would allow him to keep the name in spirit.

But now, Cody is breaking his silence on all the controversy surrounding his last name. While he falls short of stating what name he plans to use for the rest of his non-WWE wrestling career, he did state why he isn’t going with any of the alternative spellings for Rhodes that fans have suggested. It basically boils down to it being “disrespectful”, in Cody’s eyes. Check out his brief tweet about it below:

Ex-WWE Star Cody Rhodes Breaks Silence On Last Name Controversy

Source: YouTube

It’s understandable why Cody wouldn’t want to disrespect his father’s legacy by trying to do a wink-and-nod renaming. After all, using his given name of Cody Runnels would be as much of a tribute to his late father as the Rhodes name. But, ignoring all that, I don’t even think Cody is making decisions based on how best to pay tribute to his father. If anything, pursuing his dreams and achieving his goals is as much a tribute as any father could probably hope to receive. In a sense, I feel like Cody is already making his father proud by trying to be his own man, and not just the Son of the American Dream. I really hope Cody is able to forge a path for himself, because he’s got the talent to be remembered in his own right.

But what do you think about the Rhodes name controversy? What name should Cody use on television? Sound off in the comments!

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