Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Gets Into Backstage Fight With A Ninja Turtle

As if 2016 wasn’t a crazy enough year already, word is now that former WWE star Alberto Del Rio got into a backstage fight with a Ninja Turtle. No, seriously.

On Sunday night at Arena Naucalpan in Mexico, Del Rio got into a backstage fight with luchador Alan Xtreme, who competes as Tortuga Rafy, a riff on Raphael of the Ninja Turtles. Apparently, Xtreme touched Del Rio’s fiance, former WWE Divas champion Paige, in a manner he deemed inappropriate. Del Rio began shouting at Xtreme, who basically responded by blowing him off. Punches were thrown, and Del Rio got the better of the exchange, resulting in a pretty one-sided brawl that ended up spilling out into an area where fans were able to witness the altercation. Although Facebook posts verify that Xtreme is okay, Del Rio reportedly left him pretty bloody. Del Rio and Paige had attended the show to watch Del Rio’s brother, Guillermo (El Hijo de Dos Caras), in action. They were granted backstage access, which led to the altercation that resulted in the blood-soaked fight.

Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Gets Into Backstage Fight With A Ninja Turtle

Source: Twitter (@VivaDelRio) / YouTube

Naturally, legal action is being threatened against Del Rio, as wrestler Oficial AK-47, who had a hand in running the show, warned Del Rio that he was not welcome back at Arena Naucalpan.

For his part, Del Rio took to Facebook to defend his actions, stating that anyone who touches his fiancee inappropriately needs to be taught a lesson:

So yeah…while I don’t doubt Del Rio felt he had reasons for attacking Xtreme, it’s telling that the guy routinely gets into as many confrontations as he does. But I guess when you’re a hammer, everything in the world looks like a nail. I could easily imagine Del Rio having wildly overblown Xtreme’s actions. Granted, this doesn’t really give Xtreme the right to touch Paige however he sees fit, but we don’t really know what this “touching” entailed. Either way, whether or not Xtreme was in the wrong, I think getting beaten bloody in an area where fans could see was probably not the best move on Del Rio’s part. That said, despite the threat of legal action, I don’t really see Del Rio catching any serious consequences over this, although I suppose being banned from watching your brother perform live is pretty bad as it is.

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