Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Called Out By AAA For No-Showing Event

Alberto Del Rio was only just recently released from WWE, yet it appears the former world champion is already starting to burn bridges in the business: Del Rio no-showed Sunday night’s AAA Heroes Inmortales X event.

Del Rio was scheduled to team up with Psycho Clown to take on Pagano and Dr. Wagner Jr. at the event, which was held at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. This is the second time Del Rio, working under the name Alberto “El Patron”, has had troubles with AAA. Last year, AAA made him their world champion, unaware that he was negotiating his return to WWE. Del Rio’s WWE return precluded him from returning to AAA to lose the world title in the middle of the ring, and the suddenness of his departure essentially forced the company to change all their plans for the future. It’s a wonder that they even asked him back after everything that happened last year, but it seems unlikely he’ll ever be asked back again after this latest, unexplained no-show.

Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Called Out By AAA For No-Showing Event

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In fact, AAA has gone as far as to call out Del Rio for bailing on the show, declaring that he has failed the Mexican public:

“Lucha Libre AAA WorldWide announced that for reasons outside the company, Alberto “El Patron” was not submitted to the function of Heroes Immortals X , which took just this afternoon. This despite having confirmed his attendance to the event in advance and even this morning.

We regret the lack of commitment from Alberto, as he fails the Mexican public that has supported him throughout his career to become one of the leading figures of wrestling in Mexico and internationally.

For Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, it is important to offer the best shows of international quality, in addition to reinforcing that Mexican wrestling is the best in the world and is a fundamental part of the culture of our country.”

What’s unfortunate about all this, among other things, is that it’s hardly Del Rio’s first no-show. He bailed on a charity event last year in Texas for Lone Star Championship Wrestling, without any explanation and without any indication of his whereabouts, which sent the promoter into a panic over Del Rio’s well-being.

Sure, maybe there’s a reason we don’t know about for why he no-showed. Perhaps they tried to renegotiate his pay, and he felt he was being cheated out of what he was promised. Or perhaps there was a family emergency of some kind. But if the cause for the no-show was anything of the sort, you’d think we’d have heard about it by now, especially considering the kind of damage this is likely to do to Del Rio’s reputation. There’s a strong likelihood that other promotions just might avoid booking him at all if he establishes a reputation as a flake. Then again, perhaps he’s getting out of the wrestling business altogether. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life, and he might want to do something different for a change. He was an MMA background, so perhaps he’ll be the next former pro wrestler to head to UFC or Bellator. It’d be pretty hard for him to no-show those events and get away with it, at least.

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