Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Arrested, Gets Into Bloody Brawl With Brother

Ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio is continuing to cause a stir since leaving the company. A report has just come out detailing yet another violent altercation involving the former world champion.

The Austrian website KRONE revealed that Del Rio was arrested after leaving an indie event in Leoben, Austria on December 30th with his brother, Guillermo (who wrestles as El Hijo de Dos Caras). As the story goes, Del Rio and his brother went to an Austrian night club after the event and ended up getting into a pretty intense, violent brawl that resulted in the brothers being arrested.

But this is where it gets weird.

After the brawl at the club, Del Rio and his brother were taken to the police precinct — where they proceeded to get into a violent brawl with each other. Witnesses claim that the fight was a result of Del Rio trying to calm his brother down, with no success. Regardless of the cause, the fight reportedly left the walls of the police station bloody. The police tried to restrain Del Rio with zip ties, but he ended up breaking out so, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Del Rio had to be shackled.

Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Arrested, Gets Into Bloody Brawl With Brother

Source: YouTube

Del Rio is already back in America, since he was recently spotted in Tampa, Florida with his fiance, Paige. No word on what charges, if any, are being brought against Del Rio and his brother. But this is far from Del Rio’s only violent altercation: not only did a suspicious stabbing result in Del Rio missing a major AAA event, he also got into a fight backstage with a damn Ninja Turtle! And this is all in the last three months! While you could maybe argue that the other incidents weren’t his fault, physical violence just seems to follow this guy around, even when he’s not in the ring. Here’s hoping things don’t get any more out of hand in the future, although I doubt this will be the last we hear of Del Rio getting into fights.

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