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Evan McKeel Sings ‘Smile’ on The Voice (VIDEO)

Evan McKeel sang “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin on The Voice 9 Top 11 for Team Pharrell Williams!

This was easily my favorite Evan performance since his impromptu “Overjoyed” at the live auditions. He sounds fantastic here, and although the arrangement doesn’t really contemporize the song, I think it’s absolutely lovely. If I have one issue, it’s that the silhouetted dancer in the background is a bit distracting. Evan is good enough that he doesn’t need anything more than a spotlight. I think Evan deserves to stick around after this performance, although I worry audiences might find it boring. Personally, I thought it was beautiful. Watch the performance video below:

Evan McKeel Sings 'Smile' on The Voice (VIDEO)

Download: Evan McKeel, “Smile”

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