Eva Mendes Warns Women: Wear Sweatpants + Your Man Will Divorce You

If Eva Mendes is to be believed (please don’t believe Eva Mendes) women choosing to be comfortable and wear sweatpants is the number one cause of divorce in America.

The actress revealed the belief in an interview, when asked if she ever gets cozy in a pair of sweats.

Eva Mendes Sweatpants

Credit: Marvel

She immediately replied, “No, no, no! Sweatpants, no, no, no, no.” (We can’t make this stuff up.)

“No, no, you can’t do sweatpants. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. No, you can’t do that.”

Remember women of America, if you choose to be comfortable your husband will immediately divorce you, because how dare you wear the clothing you want!

But if you’re with Ryan Gosling, he won’t leave you for willingly starring in Ghost Rider. Because at least you don’t wear sweatpants you hideous monster.

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