Empire – Review: Season Premiere

A fire storm has hit primetime drama. Her name is Taraji P. Henson. Ms. Henson is having fun and its doing a bang-up job starring alongside Terrence Howard in their new FOX show, Empire. Empire has already received scorching hot reviews from critics, so it’s only right that I add to the pot. The show also stars Bryshere Gray, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Malik Yoba, Gaborey Sidibe, Katlin Doubleday & many more!

While watching this show you have to disregard the cheesy, over the top, drama that it gives. In fact, its well worth it!

The basis of Empire is Howard’s Luscious Lyon, a former drug dealer who started his own successful music business, Empire Entertainment with his wife, Henson’s Cookie Lyon. In the early beginnings of the company, Cookie had to take the fall for one of Lyon’s drug deals gone wrong and was sentenced to prison. Well Mama Cookie is out and wants her company back – right as Luscious finds out he only has 3 years to live! The male Lyon is also planning to pass on the legacy of leading the company to one of his three sons – the youngest, Hakeem a snotty aspiring rapper, Jamal the family’s black-sheep, a humble talented R&B singer-songwriter, and the business-minded and “college-educated” Andre.

Empire Series Premiere Recap

The first episode plays out with Cookie taking Jamal under her wing to groom and manage  (as Luscious isn’t really behind pushing him) and Hakeem being led by his father. But seems as if a lot of Hakeem’s success is due to Jamal being behind the scenes anyway. Then there is Andre who seems to have an agenda, calculating a plan to end out on top by influencing Cookie’s plans.

AND THEN. It the episode ends with Luscious putting a bullet in a bodyguard who tried to expose him as a murderer’s head.

This series is touching some issues that really need to be talked about in the black community. You know they are talking about homophobia. However, this series gets serious and gritty with it with quite disturbing scenes of Luscious throwing a young Jamal in a a trash can as Cookie berates her husband for doing so.

The storylines are good and the music is too (Hakeem’s raps could use a little work though)! The Hakeem character is extremely annoying but I think that’s how its supposed to be.

Yes. Empire is cheesy. Yes it is over the top. But it is cheesy, over-the-top, boundary-pushing goodness that seems to be must-see TV over the next few months.

If you aren’t watching Empire..then what are you doing!?

It pops.

Empire Season Premiere Recap

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