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Emily Keener Sings ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ on The Voice 2016

Emily Keener sang “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on The Voice 2016 Season 10 Blind Auditions. She got a four chair turn!

I cannot believe it.


This was awful.

From our live blog:

Blake is shocked to learn she’s 16-years-old, and says her voice is like a completely new sound. Adam thought the song choice and arrangement showed him a lot about her artistry. He thinks she’ll be great on any team, but she’ll be the best on his. Pharrell congratulates her on turning four chairs, and says that Emily uses the entire tapestry of her vocal chords to deliver a “super-fresh, effervescent approach to singing.” He says his style of coaching isn’t about telling people what they have to do, but more about steering them towards being the best version of themselves. Christina wants Emily’s eyes to light up the way they do when Pharrell spoke to her, and says Emily could be the voice of a new generation. Blake admits he has the most success with young girls like Emily, which is why he thinks she’s perfect for his team, adding that he was the first to push his button.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Emily chose Team Pharrell Williams!

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