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Emily Ann Roberts Sings ‘Why Not Me’ on The Voice (VIDEO)

Emily Ann Roberts sang “Why Not Me” by The Judds on The Voice 9 Top 11 for Team Blake Shelton!

This was my favorite performance from Emily, to date. She was a total pro up there, and while it probably reads like a cliche, this really did feel like a guest performer at an awards show, rather than a contestant on a singing competition. She could be the breakout star this show has been looking for all along, if she plays her cards right. She looks like a star, her voice is great, and she’s got this subtle, compelling charisma that makes it hard to look away from the TV when she’s performing. Hell, I spelled half of this sentence incorrectly and had to rewrite it because I couldn’t manage to look away during that performance. Watch the performance video below:

Emily Ann Roberts Sings 'Why Not Me' on The Voice (VIDEO)

Download: Emily Ann Roberts, “Why Not Me” by The Judds

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