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Eliminated ‘American Idol’ Contestants Crowdfunding #BetterLuckNextTime Summer Tour

Savion Wright, Riley Bria, Michael Simeon, and Trevor Douglas, known on social media as the #ArtistsOnTheRise, were the first four guys to be cut from the Top 24 of American Idol XIV this season.

But the quartet is moving on from the heartbreak of their too-brief Idol runs by crowdfunding the #BetterLuckNextTime Summer Tour, a one-month touring show this July set in and around the four guys’ respective hometowns.

Their stated goals:

1. Meet and Greet our Fans
2. Travel
3. Play MUSIC!

The statement on their GoFundMe page goes into further detail:

We all decided that since we are all from the South: Savion and Trevor (Texas), Michael (Mississippi), and Riley (Tennessee) that we should tour primarily in the South for the time being.

Now, this feat cannot be done on our own because Touring takes money. But, we really want to get out this Summer and tour for the sake of sharing our love of music, and us wanting to meet you guys. (The Fans!!!!!!)

We have some pretty awesome deals below for each person who donates to our cause and we have the cities that we are sure to tour this Summer in July as well!

While no dates have been confirmed, the official tour poster reveals some of the cities the boys hope to visit this summer:

Eliminated 'American Idol' Contestants Crowdfunding #BetterLuckNextTime Summer Tour

However, the guys aren’t asking for donations without offering anything in return. In fact, the rewards for donation are actually pretty cool. Depending on how much you donate, you could receive everything from tickets to the show, a Skype phone call, and even a private show at your house! So if you’re a huge fan of any one of these guys, or you know someone who is, this could make a hell of a gift. It’d be somewhat ironic if these guys garnered enough demand to meet their goal, when American Idol itself probably isn’t even getting a summer tour this year, so they might not have even had a chance to achieve their goal of traveling and meeting fans had they actually advanced.

To donate to the tour and check out the various rewards being offered, visit the tour’s official GoFundMe page.

Michael Simeon, Riley Bria, Trevor Douglas, and Michael Simeon Summer Tour

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