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El Paso ‘Wiener Dog Race’ Is the Cutest Sporting Event Ever! (VIDEO)

Who says sports can’t be cute? I mean, we live in a world in which the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl share airtime with the Super Bowl every year.

But few sporting events are quite as cute as this “Wiener Dog Race” in El Paso, which is hosted by the minor league baseball team, The El Paso Chihuahuas. Which Dachshund will be crowned the fastest in all of El Paso? Well, it starts out as a race, but it quickly falls apart — in absolutely adorable fashion. Seriously, I think the winning dog is still out there, running around! Who knows? Maybe this “dogs like to run” racket is all a front, and he was really just trying to impress recruiters/scouts from the Majors. (But really, it’s most likely just “dogs like to run”) Watch the adorable video below:

El Paso 'Wiener Dog Race' Is the Cutest Sporting Event Ever! (VIDEO)

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