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Ed Sheeran Has Written Winner’s Single For The X Factor UK 2016

The winner’s single for The X Factor UK 2016 could be a guaranteed Christmas No. 1, judging by the songwriter they got to pen the track.

Ed Sheeran has written the winner’s single for this season of The X Factor, as the show wanted to go with a guaranteed hitmaker after last year’s single, Louisa Johnson’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”, proved to be one of the worst-selling singles in the history of the show.

Of course, the single is being written with singers in mind, which means it likely won’t be used if rapper Honey G makes the finale.

“The only chance his song won’t get used is if 5AM or Honey G pull off a shock win,” a source told The Sun. “Then bosses might need to consider another one of their options.”

Ed Sheeran Has Written Winner's Single For The X Factor UK 2016

Source: YouTube

It’s not impossible for Honey G to pull off the shock upset, considering she’s currently favored third to win the entire competition according to oddsmakers. (For reference, Matt Terry is the odds-on favorite followed by Emily Middlemas.)

Honestly, I don’t think this will be all that different from Reggie N Bollie making the finale. Sure, they were a better act than Honey G, but the winner’s single didn’t exactly fit them any better than this single is likely to fit Honey G. But I guess we’ll have to hear the song first to really know if it can be made to fit an act like Honey G. If not, I wonder what song they’ll end up using for her.

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