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DWTS’ Noah Galloway on Prosthetic Arm: ‘This Isn’t The Week We Should Use It’ (VIDEO)

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess practiced with a prosthetic arm for their Latin dance tonight, but Noah says that this wasn’t the week they should use it. He still needs time to get used to it.

Noah was interviewed on Good Morning America on Monday which featured a behind the scenes look at rehearsals for his Argentine Tango.

Noah also told PEOPLE that he will dance with the prosthetic arm eventually but not tonight:

“I don’t wear one in my daily life, so it hasn’t been necessary because I have everything I need in my right arm. Prosthetics take time to adapt to and because this all happened so quickly, I wasn’t used to wearing an arm and didn’t have time to adapt to the new technology in time. We tried one out for this week but only had two days to practice with it, and decided I just need more time with it before I’m ready to use it in a dance.”

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Watch the video here:

DWTS' Noah Galloway on Prosthetic Arm- 'This Isn't The Week We Should Use It' (VIDEO)

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