Driving K.I.T.T. From ‘Knight Rider’ Isn’t That Great, Apparently (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is diving in with a show car! This one is from the hit 1980s series Knight Rider. Knight Industries Two Thousand, or K.I.T.T., which has the body of a Pontiac Trans-Am, is the quintessential car for any 80s kid who grew up watching the adventures of Michael Knight and his talking car. But it looks like this is a case of why you should never meet your heroes.

In this video, Mr. Regular explains why this car isn’t exactly great to drive. And his observations make a lot of sense when you consider there is no rearview mirror, the gauges don’t work, you have to reach around the electronics to find the automatic shifter, and you can’t really make sharp turns with the wheel. Then again, if you’re driving a K.I.T.T. car, are you really doing it for driveability, or is it simply to be seen driving a K.I.T.T.? This car is all about aesthetics, and that much becomes apparent fairly early into this video. So I guess it depends on what takes primacy, in your mind, with a car like this, performance or aesthetic. Watch the video here:

Driving K.I.T.T. From 'Knight Rider' Isn't That Great, Apparently (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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