Drew Goddard Will Direct ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot, Iron Man Will Reportedly Appear

Marvel is moving forward with their plans to reboot Spider-Man, and that starts with the hiring of a pretty damn talented director.

Cabin in the Woods helmer Drew Goddard will both write and direct the reboot, named Spectacular Spider-Man after the comic book series of the same name, according to Latino Review. The plan is to reportedly release a trilogy of Spidey films over three consecutive summers.

Although no official announcement from Marvel has been made, some other rumored details have been revealed about the project:

First and foremost is that this movie will not, I repeat NOT, be an origin story. Peter Parker is already Spider-Man at the start of the film, which thankfully saves us from having to sit through a third take on an origin everyone knows inside and out already.

Secondly, the actor Marvel hires to take over for Andrew Garfield will be expected to grow up in the role, as the expectation is that this new Spidey franchise will feature a series of trilogies that allows for the actors and character to mature before our eyes, not unlike the Harry Potter series. This would seem to rule out Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, who were rumored to be the two major frontrunners for the role last month. Of course, that isn’t to say that neither actor could convincingly play a high schooler, but it seems Marvel wants an actor closer to high school age, for the Harry Potter effect.

Thirdly, but perhaps most importantly, the film will feature Iron Man. Reportedly, part of the film’s plot will focus on Spidey auditioning to be an Avenger, a task which involves fighting Iron Man directly, since every Avengers movie apparently needs to feature Avengers fighting each other for one reason or another, I guess. What bolsters the likelihood of this particular tidbit being true is that Robert Downey Jr. teased a “big announcement” on Twitter last week. Granted, he said the announcement wouldn’t be revealed until March 5, so if this is true, it appears the formal announcement will come on Thursday.

Lastly, the performance of this first Spider-Man film will decide whether Marvel moves forward with the proposed spinoffs. The Aunt May spinoff that everyone thought was a bad idea is now officially dead in the water, but the studio might still move forward with the Sinister Six film. I would imagine part of it would also depend on how well the Suicide Squad movie does over at Warner Bros., since it will be the first film to test the waters as to whether or not audiences will flock to see a movie centered entirely around supervillains.

In short, it’s looking like Marvel has a clear plan for this new Spider-Man franchise, one which will try to start Spidey off on the right foot. It shouldn’t be an uphill battle for the character, but considering the lukewarm fan response for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man could probably use every advantage he can get. And if that means a younger actor, an appearance by Spider-Man, and a pre-reboot introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the character is expected to first appear in Captain America: Civil War), then all the better. Spider-Man is easily my favorite superhero, so I’m really excited to see how a big screen franchise for the web-slinger turns out, now that it’s in Marvel’s hands.

But what do you think? Is the Spider-Man franchise headed in the right direction? Will it be a success, or is a second reboot in one decade too much? Which actor should be cast in the lead? Sound off in the comments!

Drew Goddard Will Direct 'Spider-Man' Reboot, Iron Man Will Appear

Credit: Marvel

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