Drag Race Mustang Crashes, Flies 300 Feet Into Wall (VIDEO)

Drag racing, as with any automotive sport, can be pretty dangerous. However, some car crashes defy even the grimmest expectations of what can happen when the worst possible outcome occurs on the drag strip.

In this video, a Mustang’s front catches air and the result is disastrous, as the whole car ends up off the ground. It gets even worse, with the Mustang flying 300 feet across the drag strip before smashing into the wall, rolling over onto its roof, and catching fire. Miraculously, the driver was able to escape unharmed, and even give a relatively lighthearted interview (well, considering the situation). But it’s still a sobering reminder of just what can go wrong, even when you’re just driving in a straight line. Watch the video below:

Drag Race Mustang Crashes, Flies 300 Feet Into Wall (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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