Bobbi Kristina boyfriend Nick Gordon ‘could have been dead in a matter of days’ says Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil sat down with Mario Lopez on EXTRA and discussed his interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s boyfriend Nick Gordon which turned into an intervention. Dr. Phil said that if he didn’t do the intervention, he felt that Nick “could be dead in a matter of days.”


Dr. Phil went on to say that Gordon was “in no condition to be in an interview” as he was “high as a kite.”

“It was total chaos,” he said. “He had a tremendous sense of guilt.”

The interview airs this Wednesday. Check your local listings!

Watch the video here:

Dr. Phil McGraw’s highly anticipated interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon airs on Wednesday, and “Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with the talk show host and psychiatric expert to discuss the headlines that said Gordon was intoxicated, violent, and a danger to himself during the taping.

WATCH: Preview of Nick Gordon intervention

Dr. Phil on Bobbi Kristina boyfriend Nick Gordon- 'He could have been dead in a matter of days' (VIDEO)

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