Dr. Phil Jokes: Bruce Jenner Is ‘Past Prime’ For Gender Transition (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil talked about Bruce Jenner on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and was trigger happy with the transgender, ageist and sexist jokes.

He said that Bruce was “too old” to get gender reassignment, calling it a “theoretical exercise.”

Jimmy Kimmel interjected that since Jenner was an Olympic gold medalist, Jenner would probably “still be good in bed.”

Dr. Phil added the he would never have Bruce Jenner on his show because it would be boring.

Dr. Phil Jokes that Bruce Jenner Is 'Past Prime' For Gender Transition (VIDEO)

I guess after this, he never will have Bruce!

“Bruce Jenner – The Interview” airs on ABC this Friday.

On Tuesday, photos surfaced of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress and a sports bra/bikini.

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