‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6 Will Be Its Last

Downton Abbey will end after Season 6 confirms Michael Ausiello of TV Line.

The decision to cancel the series was a practical one as the cast’s contracts all end after Season 6, and the cast seems to be ready to move on.

“You can keep the show going without Matthew and Sybill, but you can’t continue it without the entire Crawley family,” said a source to TV Line.

Earlier this month Maggie Smith acknowledged that her character Violet Crawley may not continue after Season 6 fueling rumors that the show will end. Her publicist quickly tried to do some rumor control by saying: “she has always been on the record as saying she’ll be with the show for as long as the show runs.”

Well, it looks like Season 6 is the end of the run.

'Downton Abbey' To End With Season 6

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