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Doting Dog Tucks In Newborn Baby Brother – Adorable! (VIDEO)

Kids and dogs often share a very special bond, and it’s never more evident than when a dog babysits. In this adorable video, a doting dog tucks in his baby brother, in a moment of pure tenderness.

Say what you will, but there are some human babysitters who aren’t even this good at their job. There’s a certain beauty to the relationship that forms between a dog and a child, whether it’s friendship or a more protective instinct, like we see here. And that’s the kind of thing that makes me feel good about this world. It’s not just that this is cute, it’s affirmational. Because how bad could the world really be when we have dogs tucking babies in for a nap? Watch the absolutely precious video below:

Doting Dog Tucks In Newborn Baby Brother - Adorable! (VIDEO)

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