Donald Trump Unwittingly Tweets Photo Of Convicted Murderer In Support of Vietnam Veteran

Donald Trump obviously doesn’t do much research and is quite reckless. On Tuesday morning he quote-tweeted a photo of a man convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters.

Trump is trying to do damage control after he criticized Sen. John McCain’s military service and doubted that the former POW was a “war hero” on Saturday. He’s been trying to tell veterans that he’s on their side ever since.

Well, he loves veterans all right, even those currently serving three life sentences.

The man he retweeted was Jeffrey MacDonald, a U.S. army officer convicted in 1979.

Donald Trump Unwittingly Tweets Photo Of Convicted Murderer

I think it’s poetic justice that the biggest troll in the U.S. right now got trolled quite easily. I suspect there will be more to come.

Also, Donald Trump seems to be the candidate that the Republicans really want to be the next president. He is now leading the GOP polls by double digits.

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