Donald Trump Asks: Scrutinize Hillary Clinton’s ‘Close Ties’ To Vladimir Putin

The Donald Trump campaign released a statement Monday night titled: “CLINTON’S CLOSE TIES TO PUTIN DESERVE SCRUTINY.” It then lists the “four times Hillary Clinton sold out American interests to Putin.” See the statement here.

Donald Trump has been criticized by Republicans over the last couple of weeks of being an “unwitting agent” of Russia with his support of positions favorable to Russia.

On Sunday, the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort was under investigation by the Ukraine for “illegal payments” by pro-Russia ex-president Viktor Yanukovich’s administration. Manafort was a lobbyist for Yanukovich for many years. His resume also includes lobbying for Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

In an unprecendent move, Donald Trump called on Russia to hack the e-mails of Hillary Clinton last month. He also said he hoped that Russia already has them (which may include classified information).

Donald Trump’s daughter is currently on vacation in Croatia with the alleged girlfriend of Vladimir Putin.

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