Donald Trump Sons Are Cold-Blooded Killers (PHOTOS)


Comedian Samantha Bee went all in on Donald Trump son Eric Trump and his supporters on Twitter, after the son of the GOP nominee blamed women for sexual harassment in the workplace.

He said that as an example, his sister Ivanka, “wouldn’t allow herself to be subjected to it.”

How does that happen? What an idiot.

At any rate, Samantha Bee shared a photo on Twitter of Donald Trump’s sons posing with a dead animal with a similar caption: “A strong cheetah would never allow itself to be subjected to getting shot.”

Trump’s fans however decided to be petty pointing out that it was a leopard, not a cheetah, so Samantha Bee came to play.

Here are all her tweets showing the Trump sons for the vicious killers that they are. Cutting the tail of an elephant after killing it… That’s cold-blooded.

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