Donald Trump Says Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Join His Campaign

Republican front-runner Donald Trump said on Monday that Bernie Sanders supporters will eventually join his campaign because the Democrats have treated them badly.

In an interview with CNN, he said (via RAW STORY):

“I think a lot of the Bernie Sanders young people are going to join my campaign, and I see it all the time. Because nobody’s stronger on trade than me. I mean, our country is being ripped off by China and by every country on trade – I mean, horribly ripped off.”

“And I think Bernie Sanders people are going to join my campaign. Because frankly, the Democrats have treated – they have treated them very, very badly. The Democrats have really treated Bernie Sanders and all of his followers unbelievably badly.”

“It’s a rigged system. Just like the Republicans have a rigged system. I have a rigged system. I mean, I’m winning in the votes and every time you win a state, you have to go fight for all these different things. It’s a rigged system that’s run by the bosses.”

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Bernie Sanders however has gone on record on Sunday that if he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, he will do everything he can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become president:

“Trump is trying in a number of ways I think to tap into some of my support,” Mr. Sanders said. “If I lose the nomination, he will not get that support. If I lose the nomination, and we’re here to do everything we can to win it, I will fight as hard as I can to make certain that Donald Trump does not become president of the United States.”

I think Donald Trump has come to this conclusion because of Bernie Sanders supporters like Susan Sarandon, who hate Hillary Clinton so much they would rather vote Trump.

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