Donald Trump Repeatedly Praised China on Coronavirus Transparency

Donald Trump praises China on COVID-19 coronavirus transparency

There's a Donald Trump tweet for every gaslighting attempt he makes during his White House press conferences. On Thursday he continued his racist rhetoric by calling the COVID-19 coronavirus the "Chinese" virus and claiming that the pandemic was a "surprise."

Well, in January and February of 2020 - yup just LAST MONTH - Donald Trump was tweeting about the "Coronavirus" (not "Chinese") and praising President Xi for China's transparency in combating it. So literally anything he says right now claiming that he didn't know about the dangers of this virus is a lie.

Does Donald Trump have dementia? Doesn't he know anything he tweets or says on TV or interviews are recorded?

Donald Trump is a proven liar and a danger to all Americans.

Here are Donald Trump's tweets praising China for transparency on the coronavirus. If he's really surprised now by all that is happening, he's obviously mentally compromised.