Donald Trump Militia Forms To ‘Forcfully Protect’ Supporters From ‘Far-Left Agitators’

A group of Donald Trump supporters calling themselves The Lion’s Guard are organizing a militia to “protect voters” at future Trump rallies.

According to RT, The Lion’s Guard gave a call to action on Twitter after a man in Dayton, Ohio rushed the stage during a Trump rally last weekend:

“Do you want to provide security protection to innocent people who are subject to harassment and assault by Far-left agitators? If so, you are welcome to join. That’s the mission — to protect innocents who can’t hire their own security guards.”

The group added that their members would be unarmed, “but willing to forcefully protect people if need be.”

“We are defensive, protective of innocents who are being beaten and harassed for their political views.”

On Monday, former presidential candidate and now Trump endorser Ben Carson called on his supporters to “fight anti-Trump protesters.”

Source: ThinkProgress

Source: ThinkProgress

Sounds like things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Sigh.

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