Donald Trump Lies About Taking Coronavirus Test

Donald Trump lied about taking a COVID-19 Coronavirus test

Donald Trump announced in a press briefing on Saturday that he took a COVID-19 Coronavirus Test on Friday night. The White House then announced that the test came back negative.

This is clearly a lie. Either Trump lied about taking the test on Friday or the White House is lying that the test is negative. Why? Because it takes 2 to 3 days for COVID-19 Coronavirus test results! Moreover, on Friday, the White House physician said Donald Trump did not need a COVID-19 Coronavirus test!

Does Donald Trump have dementia? Doesn't he remember anything anymore?

Donald Trump hosted a few events at his Mar-a-Lago resort a few days ago and several individuals, including the GOP chairwoman, are already in quarantine. 

On Friday, he did not need a test.

 On Saturday, his "test" came out negative! Literally lying to America 24/7! Unbelievable!