Donald Trump Lies About Coronavirus Tests Being Available To All Who Need It

Donald Trump lies about COVID-19 coronavirus demand

Donald Trump had a meltdown on Friday and lied non-stop during a press conference which saw the stock market drop as he spoke. His contempt for the press was also very clear even when they were just asking non-political health-related questions.

Reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked Donald Trump about when those who need a COVID-19 coronavirus test will be able to get one. Instead of answering her question Donald Trump dismissed her and doubled down saying he hasn't heard of any American with coronavirus symptoms not being able to get it.

This of course was a lie because Dr. Fauci of the NIH said earlier that the demand for tests in general was not being met at this time!

Does Donald Trump have dementia? Isn't he aware of anything that's going on? It's no surprise the stock market responded negatively today as none of the things Donald Trump says is reassuring. 

Press play to watch the video below: