Donald Trump Insanity: He Hates State Dinners Because They Are Held In Unsafe Tent (VIDEO)

Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump just made one of his most insane speeches ever on Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia. One of his many off the rails remarks was about state dinners in the White House.

First he said he would do away with state dinners and just eat hamburgers with world leaders, but then goes on about the state dinner tent and how he wanted to make it better.

He said (via RAW STORY):

“Forget the state dinners that cost, by the way, a fortune. When I saw a state dinner, it’s [in] a tent, which is actually unsafe. It’s a tent on the White House lawn. And I actually called up the Obama administration and I said, ‘I will build you [for] free, a $100 million or more ballroom, we’ll choose five great American architects, we’ll design something everybody likes… instead of having a tent, which looks like hell.”

He also talked about how it cost $1 million to start an aircraft carrier and how he had a one in five chance he could talk North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons.

Press play to watch the video below.



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