Donald Trump Earns Coveted Roseanne Barr Endorsement

Actress Roseanne Barr has endorsed Donald Trump for president, saying in an interview: “I think we would be so lucky if Trump won.”

Barr was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter as she promoted her documentary “Roseanne For President!” which chronicled her run for president in 2012 under the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.

An excerpt:

What do you think of the candidates?

Do you know anything about wrestling? It’s all fixed, just like our election system. I think Hillary [Clinton] probably got the receipt, because she paid for the Oval Office. And both Trump and Bernie are playing the heel for Hillary. But now it’s about political infighting and if Bernie does win in California, he’ll have more weight to influence the Democratic party platform to the radical left who call themselves progressives. That’s what Bernie’s all about.

You’ve said that Americans can have whatever we want politically — I’m paraphrasing — if we just participate in the process. And it’s true that new groups are participating more in the process, sometimes violently.

I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.

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