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Donald Trump Dementia Watch: 4-Second Brain Malfunction In Las Vegas

Donald Trump Dementia Symptoms In Las Vegas 2020

Does Donald Trump have dementia? This is the question social media has been asking for the last few months as his erratic behavior has been popping up more frequently in public events.

On the eve of the Nevada Caucus on Las Vegas, Donald Trump has an indecipherable moment for a full four seconds in his speech to his supporters.

In a video aired on C-SPAN, Donald Trump says: "And yet ... inesh? ... vie...  violated ... made a little mistake." What the hell was that?

Press play to watch the video below.

Official Clip from C-SPAN:

Also in this speech, Donald Trump said that his son Barron was turning 13 when in fact Barron is turning 14 this March. (Passing thought: Where is Barron anyway?)

A couple of years ago, it was reported that Donald Trump may be suffering from undiagnosed syphilis which is one of the causes of dementia in old age.

Stay tuned. It's possible Donald Trump won't last until November 2020.