Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon star in ‘Pleather & Jerry’ (VIDEO)

Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon are 80s R&B Duo ‘Pleather & Jerry’ on The Tonight Show.

Cheadle was on the show on Friday, January 9, 2015 to promote his show House of Lies on SHOWTIME which premieres this weekend.

I love Don Cheadle — he’s always so game! This sketch was perfect. The rush back to the interview couch trying to act as if nothing happened is always the best. Oh dear.

If you like this type of sketch, Oprah Winfrey’s version was the best and a modern classic.

Watch the video here:

Jimmy and Don look back at some old clips of the ’80s R&B duo “Pleather & Jerry.”


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Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon

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