Dominic Cooper to Star in AMC’s ‘Preacher’

Well, if Marvel’s Agent Carter gets a second season, it might be going on without Howard Stark, as Dominic Cooper just booked a new TV gig.

Cooper has been cast in the lead role of Rev. Jesse Custer in AMC’s adaptation of cult classic comic book series Preacher.

The series will focus on Custer, a Texas preacher who discovers God has bailed on his godly duties. Thus begins the (literal) search for God, to hold him to account for abandoning his children. He’s joined by his vampire ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga), as they try to keep one step ahead of The Saint of Killers, a lone gunman looking to end Rev. Custer.

Here’s the official cast description for the character: “Jesse Custer is a preacher and former outlaw. He’s complex, dark and conflicted. A figure of coiled, dormant abilities both ?moral and physical. The character is the quintessential Man With a Past. Jesse ?returned to his small Texas hometown of Annville a little while back to be a preacher, like his daddy before him — who was killed before his eyes when he was 8. At first blush, Jesse’s pretty much a broken down drunken mess — both as a man and a preacher. He’s trying his best to connect with God and transmit some faith to his troubled congregation but they, in general, have come to not expect that much from him. He’s not the great man, the great preacher his daddy was — or so it would seem. Despite the clerical collar, Jesse’s actually a formidable fighter, a legacy from the violent, mysterious past he’s trying to put behind him. But when he’s pushed to the limit by Donnie Schenck, a Civil War re-enacting redneck wife beater, Jesse loses control and beats Donnie half to death in a vicious, horrific attack. Shaken by his inability to “hear God” and leave behind his darker instincts, Jesse decides to leave the pulpit and town altogether — until a strange, miraculous intervention takes place and Jesse discovers a new purpose and a new power. A power that will shake the world and threaten Heaven itself.”

The show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but it’s already one of the most anticipated shows of the 2015-2016 broadcast season. And with good reason, considering the talent of the cast, which also includes True Blood star Lucy Griffiths, and the passion of longtime Preacher fans Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are executive producing the project for AMC. If you want to get into the comic books before the show premieres, now would probably be the time to shotgun the entire series.

Dominic Cooper Cast in Preacher

Credit: BBC

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