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Dolphin Returns Lost Phone To Cheerleader (VIDEO)

Dolphins have a reputation as the smartest animals in the sea. But, sometimes, they can also be the most helpful. And for proof, we need look any further than this video of a dolphin helping out a Miami Heat cheerleader in need.

In this video, we meet Teressa Cee, a Miami Heat cheerleader who was on a promotional photo shoot in the Bahamas with the rest of the squad. Teressa gave her phone to a camerman for safekeeping, but it ended up falling out of his pocket and into the water. A trainer couldn’t reach the phone, so he made a signal to one of the dolphins, who quickly retrieved the phone from underwater and delivered it right back into Teressa’s hands! And the dolphin seems almost as excited about it as Teressa. Needless to say, the dolphin earned the kiss he received (although Teressa apparently wasn’t a fan). Watch the video below:

Dolphin Returns Lost Phone To Cheerleader (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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