English Bulldog Discovers New Toy and He's Not About to Give It Up (VIDEO)


What happens when an English Bulldog discovers the joys of a box?

Well, Diesel the Bulldog appears to be on cloud nine, despite the fact that his relentless commitment to this box lid comes at his own expense. In gripping the box lid in his mouth, Diesel obstructs his own view, which results in the poor thing knocking himself into walls, trees, bushes, and just about any other obstacle in his path. His dedication to his new toy is admirable, and quite adorable when he’s trotting down the sidewalk, but it’s hard to say if anyone – even a dog – ever loved a new toy this much.

Watch the cute video below:

Absolutely adorable pooch, although I wish that we, as a nation of dog lovers, could get past the urge to record cute dog videos vertically. I’m Team Horizontal, all the way!

– Written by Nick Roman

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