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Dog With a GoPro Is Best Wedding Photographer Ever! (VIDEO)

If you want someone to take videos of your wedding, you’re likely going to pay quite the pretty penny for the privilege. So why not just cut out the middle man — by using man’s best friend?

In this wedding video, an adorable dog gets a GoPro strapped to her back in order to document his owner’s wedding. Apparently, Ryder “insisted” on filming the video, so her owner let the lovable pooch get to it. It’s a video that is as touching and beautiful as it is cute. The wedding, which took place on November 2nd, 2014 on the top of Roan Mountain, TN, is an absolutely stunning, snow-covered event that really comes to life through the GoPro footage. According to the video description, the wedding was “cold and magical”, and it’s all punctuated by the use of the lovely “Spirit Cold” by Tall Heights. It’s a wonderful clip that’s worth going out of your way to see. Watch the video below:

Dog With a GoPro Is Best Wedding Photographer Ever! (VIDEO)

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