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Dog Throws Epic Temper Tantrum When Owner Won’t Share Wendy’s (VIDEO)

Dogs love food. They usually don’t really care what form the food takes either. If you give a dog fast food, you know they’re probably going to gulp it down right away. But what happens if an owner refuses to share his fast food with a dog who’s used to table scraps? Well, it’s probably not hard to figure out.

In this video, we meet an adorable dog named Peach who absolutely flips her lid when she sees her owner eating Wendy’s. Naturally, this balloons into a full-on temper tantrum when she realizes that her owner isn’t going to share any of it. Of course, it could just be that Peach is annoyed by the voices her owners are making, or riled up by the repeated phrase “No”. Either way, Peach can’t help jumping all over the couch, and even annoying her brother who’s just chilling out, avoiding all the drama. How does it end? Watch the video below:

Dog Throws Epic Temper Tantrum When Owner Won't Share Wendy's (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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