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‘Dog Stunt Double’ Outrages Fans of Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell has a lot of explaining to do as fans are angry that the winner of Britain’s Got Talent used a stunt double dog in the finale.

Winning act “Jules and Matisse” used a different dog during the high-rope walk portion of their routine – and fans felt cheated, thinking it was the talented dog Matisse.

'Dog Stunt Double' Outrages Fans of Britain's Got Talent

According to the Guardian, the producers of the show have apologized for “not making it clearer to viewers” that a stunt double dog was used. ITV however has refused to apologize saying: “To be absolutely clear these things are a judgment call that producers make.”

The reason the act used a stunt double dog? Matisse is afraid of heights.

I am so disappointed.

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