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Dog Rescue Compilation Shows How Far Humans Will Go for Man’s Best Friend (VIDEO)

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. They’re loyal to a fault. So it’s only natural for humans to want to live up to that loyalty and show the same amount of dedication their dogs have shown them. That brings us to this video, a compilation of dogs being rescued from perilous situations, as humans risk it all for man’s best friend.

Among the rescues we witness, we see a dog being saved from a flood and having CPR performed on him, another pooch being saved from a reservoir, and another being rescued from a burning house. The tagline, “because they’d do the same for us,” is incredibly poignant, and all the more so because it’s true, in a lot of cases. Treat’em right, and dogs will be the most loving creatures you’ll ever know. Hopefully, these rescued pups go on to live long, happy lives with loving owners. If nothing else, the fact that strangers went out of their way to save them shows just how far humans will go for man’s best friend. Watch the touching video below:

Dog Rescue Compilation Shows How Far Humans Will Go for Man's Best Friend (VIDEO)

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