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Dog Missing for Six Years Miraculously Reunited With His Family! (VIDEO)

Just in time for the holidays, a Shetland sheepdog who has been missing for six years has been found and reunited with his family. It’s a holiday miracle!

The now 11-year-old pooch’s owners are “overjoyed” and “grateful” to have their furry friend — named Willie — back.

The couple (who live in Las Vegas) lost their dog on a camping trip in Nevada in April of 2009.

Recalled Willie’s owner, “While we were up in the mountains, Willie and his brother picked up on a rabbit or something and took off. Willie’s brother Waylon came back, but he did not. We searched all weekend in a snowstorm in the mountains of Nevada, but we never saw any evidence that Willie was anywhere around.”

Willie was recovered by a shelter 300 miles away from where he went missing and was identified by his microchip.

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