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Dog Kisses Adorable Crawling Baby – So Sweet! (VIDEO)

There are few things as cute as a dog, although years of reading those Carl books by Alexandra Day as a child taught me that the only thing cuter is a dog and a baby — particularly when the dog is babysitting.

In this video, an adorable, crawling baby makes his (or her) way across the living room floor, only to end up struggling a bit. The dog doesn’t move a muscle, basically just sitting there stoically as the smiling baby gets closer. Then, right at the end, the dog happily extends his snout and gives the baby a little kiss. It’s a precious little moment that I imagine is going to be a part of that family’s video collection for years to come. And rightfully so. Watch the super sweet video below:

Dog Kisses Adorable Crawling Baby - So Sweet! (VIDEO)

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